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Competition FAQs

Where are the competitions held?
Area competitions – currently scarborough, the spa or Newton Aycliffe Leisure Centre
Medallist of the year finals – blackpool winter gardens

When does the competition take place?
Check diary dates

How do i get there?
Get direcions to Grand Hall, Spa Complex, Scarborough
Go to Google Maps for directions
Check for info in the Useful Liks section

What time do i have to be there?
Area comps - the doors open at approx 9.00am. The first round is at 9.45am approx. Remember that you need time to get seats, get changed, get a number card and find out what the running order is.

How long will the competition last?
Most of the day. Finishing times vary between 5.00pm and 6.30pm. Because the prize giving is not done until each section is completed, if you are lucky enough to get in the final of your competition you will have to wait until all the grades/age group competitions have been completed to see if you have won a prize.

Is there any food available ?
Yes – there is a canteen which sells hot food, drinks etc. in the Spa and snacks available at Newton Aycliffe. 

Can I take my own food & drinks?

Remember that all rubbbish must be put in the bin (black bags are provided at various points). Recently the area committee have been enforcing this rule – with the seating plan they know where each dance school is situated and any rubbish left at the end will be blamed on the school.

What are the restrictions on dress?
See the competition programme which gives details of what is not allowed.

How many people will be dancing against me?
Trophy day and grades at area medallist qualifier - unknown. But they will all be of a similar age and the same grade (exam level)

Area medallist qualifier – unknown. You will dance in the appropriate age group, but exam level does not apply. If you are eliminated in the first round only you can dance in the grade competition on the same day.

How many competitiors qualify for the blackpool national finals?
Ballroom and latin – top 12
Sequence  - top 18

How long does an individual competition last?
The number of dancers are reduced each round usually by approx half eg 1st round 24 dancers, semi-final 12 dancers, final 6 dancers.

Currently in medallist qualifiers (ballroom and latin) first round reduced straight to 12 (semi final).

Info for parents, relatives & friends

The vocal support you give to our competitors does make a difference, make sure the judges know which number to write down.

Cameras/videos/phone cameras
Because of the recent changes to the child protection laws, all cameras, videos, phone cameras etc are banned while competitions are taking place. Photos are only allowed at the prize giving.

Info for competitors

1.    Listen carefully when competitions are announced – especially recalls to the next round when specific numbers are called.

2.    Do you know who your partner is, and where they are sitting, or where they are now.

3.    Can the judge read your number whilst you are dancing?

4.    If you go wrong, either, try and catch up if your partner has continued or stop and start again. Don’t panic.

5.    If something went wrong in the last round don’t think about it too much, you can’t change what has already taken place. If you get through to the next round try to put it right

6.    Listen to the music – don’t rush

7.    Try your best - nobody can ask for anything more

8.    Don’t be too disappointed if you get knocked out.  Your dance teachers competed for many years and know how this feels. It takes time for a new competitor to learn to produce their best on the competition floor. If someone else gets through from our school and you don’t - shout for them. If you are lucky enough to get through and other pupils haven’t talk to them and lift their spirits

9.    Most important – enjoy yourself!

Before you set off check you have:

Dance shoes

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